We can gain valuable insight from the horses on how to better negotiate conflicts and drama in our own herd, and better improve the overall function of our group.


What is Equine-Facilitated Learning? It is an innovative approach to helping people grow in their social and emotional intelligence, through the way of the horse. Our presentations and workshops are designed to unleash the power of your leadership potential. 


Why Equine-Facilitated Learning? Horses teach us to be authentic, listen to the wisdom of our heart and our gut, and maintain healthy boundaries. They teach us to be better leaders, better team members, and more compassionate people. Being around horses is good for our mind, our body strength and our health because they help quiet our mind, bring peace to our hectic life, and calm our heart. Being with horses teaches us to:


  • Tap into Non-Verbal Data

  • Achieve Mutual Respect

  • Accomplish a Goal

  • Lead in our Profession

  • Strengthen Relationships


Who does it benefit? 

  • Individuals

  • Leaders

  • Groups (church, corporate, classroom, service profession, sports team)




On-Location, 2-3 hours


Dr. Melanie Marklein, PhD and I (Martha Clipp) will come to you for an Equine-Facilitated Learning presentation. We suggest your group then comes to the horse barn, Darren Woller Horsemanship, in rural Urbana, for a day-long intensive workshop to interact with the horses.


At the Horse Barn, 1 day


Spend a day in rural Urbana, at Darren Woller Horsemanship, observing horse herd dynamics. In our peaceful and safe space, you can grow in your strength, courage, confidence and relationships, as you experiment with a new way of interacting - not only with horses, but humans as well.

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